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Helping Law Firms with Digital Growth

The battle is not always in the courtroom. Sometimes, it's reaching customers. Advertising legal services is no longer as simple as a billboard, newspaper ad, or TV commercial. More customers are using their mobile devices to search for legal representation when they need it most. They're searching for legal firms near them, asking for recommendations over social media, and checking reviews. To grow your client base online, you must engage with customers on their platforms.

Law Marketing

Our SEO and web design services have led to significant boosts in qualified leads for our legal clients.

Our Expertise

With diverse experience and skill sets, we help legal teams reach their target audience.

Personalized Services

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Our team is here to customize a marketing strategy that works for your business and your budget.

Reaching New Clients for Law Firms

When a person determines that they need legal help, they often search through several legal firms before choosing one. To compete for their attention, you will need a web presence that sells your expertise and services better than your competitors. This means developing a professional, up-to-date website that shows your expertise and ranks at the top of search results and a social media content strategy that shows your compassion for clients.


Every case is different. Similarly, marketing for legal services is never one-size-fits-all. To generate leads for your firm, we research your ideal clients and recommend digital marketing strategies. These strategies may include optimizing your current website or building a fresh website for your firm. We may also recommend developing a presence on social media and running paid search ads.

Digital Marketing Solutions for Lawyers

SEO for Law

We have helped clients in the legal industry increase their organic search traffic by approximately 375%. Our strategies have included optimizing their web pages, and Google My Business listings, and diversifying keywords. This helps put legal firms at the top of search results and rankings before any money is ever spent on a campaign.

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Paid Search for Law Firms

Reach potential clients who are searching for legal services with paid search campaigns. Whether you want to get your firm’s name in front of viewers or drive traffic to your website, we can create a paid ad campaign that strives to meet your firm’s goals.

Social Media Marketing

Build trust and credibility for your legal firm through a loyal following on social media. Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter pages are places to humanize your firm. You can show your compassion for your clients and community and how much you care about your employees.

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Web Design

As a legal firm, you must prove your credibility to clients to get the contract. An outdated website with 404 errors, typos, hard-to-read text, and blurry images do not build trust nor rank well in search results. Building a clean, modern website that’s user-friendly and optimized for search is a great way to increase your traffic and generate leads.

Review Management

Join the online conversation with our reputation management services. Whether it’s a disgruntled customer venting online or a client praising you, you should know what’s being said. With our reputation management services, you will receive a report detailing online mentions about your business, the sentiment, and projected reach.

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