Email Marketing by Hagadone Media Group

Email Marketing Is Still Important

Email marketing can be an underutilized tool, as so many people assumes it just means sending out spam to any email address that exists. That is not how email marketing is done at Hagadone Media Group. Our approach is targeted, precise, and effective.

Email Marketing Services

What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is using emails to market your brand, products or services to people who are interested in them. It is not sending emails to every email address on the web. That's spam, which is not only highly unethical but completely ineffective.

How We Use Email Marketing Services To Get Results

Our email marketing services are targeted to put the right message in front of the right audience to get the results we want. Content for product, service and branding go to promising leads, to entice them into your sales pipeline. Current clients and customers get brand messages and exclusive messaging to make sure they feel valued and connected to your brand. The best part is that email marketing has an astounding ROI, when done correctly.

Why You Need Email For Marketing

Email for marketing is a powerful tool for mailing connections. You can send them your latest content, news, and other information to bring them further down the sales funnel, or sustain connections with existing customers. With targeted messaging, you can even tailor your emails to every segment of your email contacts.

What You Get From Email Marketing

What you get from email marketing is another marketing channel that helps sell your brand, as well as products or services. Better still, with the right approach, you can leverage email marketing to have a powerful, targeted effect on your audience.


Email marketing content can be targeted to different segments in your audience, putting the right message in front of the right people to achieve precisely the desired effect. Enticement, to convert your leads into customers. Brand awareness and delighting content, to keep your existing customers engaged and connected to your brand. Powerful targeting to say exactly what needs to be said to who needs to hear it, when they need to hear it.

Traditional Media Buying

To start our email marketing services, we analyze any email marketing you've done in the past to see how effective it is. We take a deep dive into your email lists, creating precise segments for creating targeted email messaging.


We also design the messages that goes out in your email campaigns, capturing your brand's voice but crafting the message for every segment the email goes to. Rich visuals and targeted content to entice, delight, educate and ultimately compel the audience to go further down the sales funnel, or stay connected to your brand as a valued client or customer.


Once email marketing campaigns are up and running, the returns on investment are substantial. We also keep meticulous track of open rates, conversion rates, and engagement, so we can further hone your email marketing campaigns for better effect.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Email Marketing

barbara yeager

"Kayla is amazing to work with! She is always very responsive, upbeat, and willing to look into creative advertising options for me. Her team is quick to understand and implement changes I request on my ads. She has been my Rep for over 12 years and I feel lucky to have “landed her”!

- Barbara Yeager Keller Williams -

belgrade logo"Hagadone Media Montana is highly professional with an extremely skilled team. I hired them to run our digital and Facebook campaigns for our Convention and Visitors Bureau and they produced quality creatives that upped the level of brand awareness. We saw, and continue to see, an elevated amount of traffic to our website. Their communication when we created the campaign is second to none and I highly recommend Hagadone."

- Kristi Gee, CEO Belgrade Chamber of Commerce/CVB -

MMH Logo"Hagadone Media has been an amazing partner for us and our digital marketing over the past couple of years. From SEO work to google ads and analytics, they have really put us on the right path to success. We’ve worked with them for three years now, and the numbers don’t lie… what they do WORKS! Plus, you can’t beat their customer service - they really go above and beyond!"

- Kelly Pris, Marketing Director Mountain Meadow Herbs -