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Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics is like that best friend that you never talk to. You keep their contact info in your phone and check in with them once a year, but rarely more than that.

Google Analytics is your friend for a reason. More often than not, we see website owners who follow popular advice and hook up Google Analytics to their site…and then never touch it. While it looks daunting, you don’t need a PhD in data analytics to get valuable information from it that can make your content more effective. You’ll be able to see traffic funnels (the path that visitors take through your site) the page they end on, bounce rate of pages and blogs, average view time, and average page depth. Every single one of those data sets can help you write better content. With a beginner’s understanding of data, you’ll learn which information is more interesting to your visitors, and you can target that information in your next blogs.

Google Analytics is a very handy friend.  Start talking to your friend more.  

SEO Tools to Consider

We wrote this blog to answer your question: “how do you write for SEO?”  In order for this blog to find the people asking that question, we needed to use a couple SEO tools ourselves. Intentional content strategies only happen with research. Moz and Answer the Public are excellent tools to tell you what questions people are asking on the internet. From there, you can write effective content that drives interested people to your website and invites them to learn more about you.

Never forget that the biggest SEO tool you have is yourself. You are the only resource on earth that knows everything about your business. Learn what your customer’s pain is, and use content to tell them how you’re going to fix it.

Be critical of your own writing, and write OFTEN!

If it doesn’t look good to you, it probably won’t look good to someone on the outside. Use paragraphs, pay attention to flow, and proofread. Choppy lines with run-on sentences do not read well, and readers won’t have the patience to read until the end.

Once you get the hang of writing about the things that make your organization so cool, keep going! Uploading content often will notify search engines that your site is ACTIVE and ready for business. When a site is considered inactive, search engines will crawl it less. This might affect your search ranking.

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