What is SEO Writing?

Remember the last time you searched the internet for help on something, and you found an article that not only answered your question, but got you interested in looking at the rest of the website?  It might not look like it at first glance, but every great SEO content piece has several tricks woven in to attract readers and start them on a funnel path to the website’s ultimate goal: a conversion. 

“…content must be intentional or else it will get lost in the dreaded Dead Sea scroll-through cycle.”

Content is your best opportunity to engage a reader or viewer in an organic, non-spammy way. They’re interested…they already want to learn more…now’s your moment to give them really cool info AND highlight the cool differentiators of your organization. We’ve seen a lot of content cross our desks at HMAC. Our optimizing team stresses that content must be intentional or else it will get lost in the dreaded Dead Sea scroll-through cycle. It’s very easy to litter your blog page with “7 Reasons Why We Love (Uninteresting Product) and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing”.  Countless websites do it…but without intention, they get lost in the noise.

SEO Writing with “Intention”

Great speeches don’t happen without a coherent goal. When a person gives a speech, what do they intend to happen? Do they want to persuade?  Inspire? Babble incoherently? No one goes up to that podium with the intention to string together several uninteresting words and hope it does…a thing…  

Marketing 101: Define Who You Are

Before you even sit down to put fingers to keyboard, take a good, long look at your organization and come up with a way to define yourself to an unfamiliar audience. What matters most to you? What does your business offer that others don’t? What is your typical customer’s pain?

When you can define who you are, you have found a way to hone in on the person who is searching online to be your next customer. You have defined the opportunities that you already have to connect with consumers waiting to convert. 

Take that information and map out a keyword strategy.  You now have a valuable blueprint for every blog, vlog, page, and picture that goes on your website.

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